Back then, I didn't really crush on anyone, there was one guy for me and that was it. But now, years have passed and I'm in a new place, physically and mentally. And I'm surrounded by all these beautiful, complex souls. Souls that are so amazing that I can't help but crush on.

So I am sad because I'm in love with you. I think I always will be and there is a piece of me that recognized you the first moment we met. I knew you were my soulmate, because a piece of you resonated with a piece of me, and I fell in love. Not just with the feelings you made me feel but with your soul. Don't get me wrong I am so thankful I got to meet you, some people go the entirety of their lives not having met a person who they can truly spark with. So since we aren't meant to be in this life maybe we will be meant to be in the next.

is it me or are there two main types of crushes out there?

there’s the mild, nice kind where you see someone and find them really really cute to your own surprise. seeing them out there living life just makes you weirdly happy, and you get a little flustered talking to them, and everything is just chill and sometimes pretty fun.

and then there are other people where they laugh or hug you or something and you’re just like

oh nO


and then before you know it you’re ugly crying as you make Spotify playlists

honestly, I'm going through both of these with two different people and I’m just a wreck 😂

I made a happy little sigh after we kissed each other goodnight, and lay in our bed together.

"What was that...?" He asked into the darkness.

"Oh... I just sighed." I said smiling even though he couldn't see.

"... Why?"

"Uh... it's cheesy."

"Hun, 40% of what you say is cheesy."

"Well damn! See if I say anything to you again!" (I was kidding of course, and I said it in a joking tone.)

"Huuuun, haven't you seen our fridge? I love cheese." 

Then he rolled over, pulled me close, and made me tell him all about how he had made me do a happy little sigh.

i am afraid i will spend my entire life trying not to miss you.

So I pulled off your shoes, tucked you in, brought you up a glass of water and Advil then set your alarm. I kissed your cheek and whispered goodbye because I love you too much to be just another notch in your belt.

Dear Letter-Writers,

I've written so many, from so long ago, years, even. In 2012 I was dead in love for someone I don't even know now. A year later, I was washed away by the most pure love anyone could know.

I write this letter, looking at the glimmering little stone on my finger, thinking about cakes and dresses and planning for all the joy that is only 5 months away now. 5 months. 5 months.

He's home. I have to go. This could be my last letter. I found him. I found him.

We're together and there is a whole life ahead of me and suddenly I can't believe I cared so much for someone when I was 15. I can't believe cried over the one who didn't care to have me. I can't believe I wasted a first kiss on someone who tossed me away.

Real love stories are found, not created. Stop searching and it will come.

I found him I found him I found him


roses are red

chocolate is great

i like a girl

i hope she’s not straight

She's a trauma resident (doctor) at a hospital, and I recently texted her asking how she got into that specialty.

She then responded "I love me some blood and guts! Mom always said I was either going to be a murderer or a doctor...and I like to think I chose the right route. All jokes aside, I really love being the person there for them in their worst moments. I find it makes me more humane."

She's such a witty, beautiful person. I can't even comprehend it most days.

We had our third date yesterday. We haven't kissed yet. He spent the night. I felt warm and protected. Guys... I think he's the one. I don't know what it is about him, it's unexplainable. I think he's it. ~My Sun, Your Stars