I’ve never been the type of girl that guys go for.

I have average features, my personality isn’t captivating, and I’m so incredibly awkaward.

There’s a part of me that has always thought that maybe there’s something wonderful in me that everyone else can see, but I can’t.

That probably sounds crazy.

Someone once told me that I’m beautiful, but not in a typical way.

“It’s a rare kind of beauty,” she said. “Not everyone will see it right away, but the right people will,”.

Whatever that means.

One day, I hope to be happy with who I am.

Too bad that’s not today.

Concept: My head on your chest, listening to your steady heartbeat. Your hand on my back, rubbing slow circles. Not really talking. Just you, me, and calming silence.

Write about us. You say things with so much beauty and depth that I'm often left silent not knowing what to say back to you.

Write about me. Let me re-read what you're thinking and what you're saying to me and about me.

Write about this. Whatever this is. With you and with me. Write and write and write until you write us into existence.

I love you, and that's all I really know.

So I came out to my dad a few months ago. He said that basically it's 2018 and as long as I don't drop out of school I can date whoever I want. We really didn't talk about it at all afterwards though.

Well yesterday was my birthday. He comes in the kitchen with the cake and it's a beautiful multicolored rainbow cake.

He get's all shy and he's like "I got a rainbow cake on purpose". It made me cry happy tears.

- That Redheaded Lesbian

I speak deliberately, yet everything I say is perceived likewise. I use these words often, so I want you to know what I mean: Adorable doesn't mean pretty. Cute doesn't mean pretty. Wonderful doesn't mean pretty. No, attractive doesn't mean pretty either. Sure, you're pretty, perhaps even the prettiest woman I've met. But, I feel like that's self-evident, similarly to how water is wet.

Adorable means lovable and respectable. It comes from the word adore. As I've said, you're pretty. However, there is something about the way in which you go about your life and how you interact with other people that makes me go: awww. In other words, you're cute. Also, I'm completely blown away by the entirety of you; you're the 8th World Wonder. You're inspiring, impressive and thought-provoking at the same time. Lastly, I'm drawn to you. You're to me what stars are to planets and other stars. Guess what, you're attractive.

I love you. Just don't think that it's only because you're pretty. You're more than pretty. Inside and outside, you're beautiful.

I know I should be gone, but these pent-up thoughts and feelings were about to kill me.

Love, By: Storm

Last night my boyfriend and I started making out and it was really sweet, when suddenly he reached under the pillow and whipped out something, I couldn't see what in the dark.

Until he shot me in the face with something.

It was a nerf dart. He hid a nerf gun under our pillow and then made out with me to trap me so he could shoot me with the gun.

I laughed so hard we couldn't go back to making out for a looooong time. I love how much he makes me laugh. I'm gonna marry him someday.

(I'm already planning on how to get him back. Next time he leaves the bedroom to pee, I'm gonna hide under his bed and grab his ankle to scare the shit out of him).

Exactly two months ago, in the boldest, bravest, craziest, riskiest, most insane thing I ever did, I asked you out. And, as a clumsy but genuine explanation for the suddenness, I poured my heart out.

It didn't work, but I'd do it again. Even in the face of refusal, you were completely, totally worth the tiniest chance.

My hand misses your hand.

My heart misses your heart.

I still think about you and what we could have been.