Architecture Girl

You finally went back home to your city for Christmas yesterday. I'm actually going to miss you during the break. You not being here, I feel a little sad.

We were both at the Christmas Markets in town yesterday, but we didn't see each other. You sent me a message because of my story of me being there. At least we spoke a little before you left.

I've actually been thinking about visit you during the Christmas break. Not sure if I have enough money to get the train since you live far away. I really want to, but we'll see.

Have a nice break, and see you soon (maybe).

I always wrote off your eyes. From stolen sideways glances across the room I saw them as plain dark brown, almost black, an outlier in the realm of the rest of your irresistible features.

But then we talked; our first real conversation in years. Words slid easily through by mouth, a sharp contrast from my usual reserved self. I couldn't tell if I couldn't stop smiling because you were, or vise versa.

That night, when I closed my eyes, all I could think about was yours. Up close they aren't black at all, they glow golden brown. And when you look at me, your stare holds and I wonder what you think of my eyes.

She was always one of the flyest

All dressed up ahead of her time and

She had smile that shined like diamonds

With long hair the same color as almonds

Yeah, I always wanted to wife it

She the kinda girl you wanna spend your life with but

I never did get a chance


Cause she always had a man and

He was captain of the football team

The biggest thing around on them football scenes

Yeah, he was the talk of the town

Signing autographs when he's walking around

And I was just a quiet kid in the math class

To say something now and then to make the class laugh, yeah

And everytime she would look back

I damn near had a heart attack

So every year before the summer would start

I write a love letter and I poured my heart

But she was so far out of my range

That I never got the courage to deliver the page

So as I saw her walk across the stage

Apart of me died on graduation day

'Cause even though we never spoke one time

I thought I lost the only chance to make her mine

A couple of years passed

College was great

Just got a new job, I'ma move to L.A.

The big city lights were always my dream

I'm just hoping that everything is all it seems

Uh, so as I'm packing away

I found my yearbook I had circled her name

And even though it may seem wild

Just seeing her face made me smile

Long flight, I had just touched down

It felt like all night and I had just touched ground

Walking through the airport hallway

I saw a face that I remember for always

It was the same girl from high school

It's been a couple of years

She probably 22 uh

Or maybe she was 23 huh

That's right she's a year ahead of me

I almost broke into tears

But I held it all together

I been waiting for years

Plus I practice in the mirror every Friday

A little speech in case I see her what I might say

So as I saw her walk passed

I'm thinking I'll be damned if I miss my chance

And as I call her name I was scared

But had to let my heart overpower my fears

She turned around with the eyes wide

I started thinking I'd die

Because she started walking over (word?)

Yeah, she started coming closer (woo)

I had to check for my heartbeat

'Cause this couldn't be real, hardly

Now she asked me have I been cool (yeah)

Because she hadn't seen me since school

And by then I was in love

Because I didn't even think she know who I was

I asked bout her man she ain't with him (what?)

He went away to college hasn't hit her since then (woo)

Yes! I never heard news so good (hell yeah)

I told her I never thought I would

Be standing face to face with my high school love

Ha ha, nah, and she said

Unh, yeah you so sweet (what?)

I always used to think you were the cutest thing (what?)

I used to had the biggest crush on you on the 10th grade (word?)

She said

I used to think about you all the time (quit playin')

I always wondered why you never said "Hi" (I was scared)

So I just let my crush fade away, what

So as we sat over coffee in the airport hall

I recited every old letter I could recall

She smiled, she can't believe she didn't see then

So I said, I may be jumpin' of the deep end

But if your hearts open maybe I can creep in (maybe)

She said that would be cool but (but)

I'm getting married next weekend

I’m sorry that half of the girls in my grade are going to follow you on Instagram. It’s partially my fault...

si tu parles fran�ais, je m'excuse parce que ce n'est pas magnifique, mais je peux te penser autour et avec les �toiles quand m�me.


You were humming Something To Talk About by Bonnie Raitt and in that moment I knew I was falling for you because i thought to myself....yeah let’s do it, you and me, let’s give them something to talk about! 

You don't have to cry anymore

The Chem Prince

Peace is expensive


Reciprocation at it's fucken finest.