so I asked you if you had a crush on anyone

and you said "besides you?"

I died

how can a single person do this to me? how can someone be my first thought in the morning and last thought at night? how can they be every thought in between?

but i don't mind.

you ruin me and i kinda like it.

Unlove me.

Unlove me, just to pretend nothing happened. Unlove me to wake the sleeping butterflies in your stomach. Unlove me to feel that flame for the first time for a second time. Unlove me like how you'd blow a candle, and light it up again. Unlove me and act like you don't know me.

Unlove me just to love me again.

I know it's gonna happen, I just don't know when

I love her, her smile is so beautiful. Her hair is so long and I like to play with it at night. I love her so much, oh my, I miss her. She is so gorgeous. Her laugh and just being next to her. I wish I could lean in to her lips and float. I want to feel weightless with her. Will you feel weightless with me, a girl?

just wanna be cuddled by a cute, sweet, funny boy who genuinely likes me as a person and won't take advantage of me.

where is he?

She's actually the greatest. Everything she does, even the little things, make me take a step back and wonder how I came across such a kind, loving, and beautiful girl.


Hello, lovely.

Long time no see. Plucking my heart strings again. You whispered your tender melodies into my ears. If only it was love that you are looking for, but you just play with my emotions.

I love you, lovely.

There's this really hot guy in my Biology class that sat down next to me.

I immediately introduced myself, made small talk, then told him if "I could get his number just in case I miss something in class."

I have a feeling college is going to be okay.

After we had our ice cream date we both didn't want to leave each other, so we parked a block away from my house and just sat in the car holding hands and enjoying each other's company. I love staring at him because it amazes me that a guy like him is into a girl like me. When he caught me staring he looked into my eyes for a bit and then looked away. When I asked him why he replied "I don't like staring at you for too long, because then it makes me want to do this." And then he kissed me. And oh my god guys. I think I'm falling for him even more.