My neighbor, I don't even know how old she is (probably in her late 50s) is a fucking legend. I admire her.

She can flirt up a storm and spit out jokes like there's no tomorrow with any man she encounters. That woman has more guys on her tail than a bleach-blonde VS model. 

Is she attractive? Nah, not really in that sort of way. But her personality outshines all physical aspects of her. And I aspire to be just like her one day. To have enough wit to fill in for my many flaws.

Dear ________,

You are beautiful.

She is that kind of person, my friend. She's a tough girl, but she's also sweet and kind. She's nice, funny, and understanding with everybody, but not everbody is her friend. She doesn't juge you, nor badmouth people. She accepts what she can, and if she doesn't agree, she says it politely.
She is one of those person you rarely meet in a life time. Sometimes, she seems untouchable, even if she is just next to you. A lot try to be like her, but she stands, because she's real. She doesn't play a role.
For the first time in her life, she's in love - though she doesn't admit it. The guy she's in love with is a good person. For that, I'm truly glad. But there is a problem. He doesn't notice her that much. They're truly alike. I think the description I did for her can almost perfectly work for him too. But somewhere, it looks like life putted them on two neighbours pathway that never meet, but stay aside. It's hard to explain, but it looks like they amazingly mean for each other, but that life doesn't give them the chance to.
It's hurting to see that. This girl, once she loves, it's forever. Because she purely loves. And as her bestfriend, I want her to be happy, cause she brings me a lot of happiness, and I know that all she wants it's to be able to bring him happiness too.
So I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm bloked in front of an eternal wall.

I've been writing on this website since I was a freshman in high school--I'm 18 now. And sometimes I search my anonymous names, pertaining to which boy I was currently infatuated. Reading about how special I thought each and everyone of them was. 

I saw that I put a lot of hope and trust in them, too. That if they didn't look at me, or talk to me, or fall in love with me--I wasn't okay. 

So if you're on this website, and you are currently heartbroken, or tearing yourself apart over unrequited affection...

it's okay. you're okay.

You are going to meet someone. And they might be no one you ever could've imagined while you were trying to sleep at night. And they're nothing you expected, but they are exactly what you need. 

It's okay. You're okay.

Keep loving, keep crushing, and know that things will work out. 


Love with all your might.

Lose your mind and your appetite over him/her.

Excuse yourself from sleep for as long as you need to think.

At this age, we need to completely immerse ourselves in love. We need to feel the pain so that we don't get hurt even worse in the future. We don't have anything to lose at this point.

Besides, how many big crushes are you gonna get in your life? Not as many as you think. So experience it before it's too late.


Does anyone else know that feeling....

You come home after being out with a really great guy.
He kissed you.
He made you happy.

And you just sit there on the edge of your bed, face still full of makeup, hair still done up, and a huge smile plastered on your face. You literally can't stop smiling.
You do the whole "think of dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies" to maybe look slightly less enthused, maybe almost normal...and it just doesn't work.

You just sit and think, I just got kissed. And ya know...I feel pretty, and kind of AWESOME.


How to make your crush appear so that you can see them again:

1.) Look your possible worst OR be doing something really embarrassing/weird.
2.) Like magic, your crush will appear!
3.) Because life.

I don't know why but to me you're the most beautiful person ever. You're not some celebrity nor do you even look like one. But the way your eyes sparkle, the way the sun shines on your long brown hair and the way you smile beats all the other celebrities and models out there. 

I do not ask for branded goods, fancy dates at Michelin-star restaurants and weekend flights to exotic places.

I do not want to control you or have you worship the ground I walk on. I want you to respect me; admire me; wonder how you got so lucky. & I will do the same.

I do not ask for a lot of attention. I don't need to know where you are or who you're with 24/7. I don't need good morning or good night texts. I just need someone to talk to & be my personal cheerleader when I'm down. 

I want to be part of a strong team. I don't want us to be two halves completing each other...I want you to be you & I want me to be me...both whole, but perfect together. 

I have watched everyone around me fall in love or something like it. Some of them made mistakes. Some of them were lucky. Each one of them has had a story to tell- be it one of happiness or heartbreak. 

I'm waiting to tell my story. To share my world with you. For you to let me into your life too. I've cried so many times, wondering if I would ever find you. And honestly, at this point, I think I never will. 

I saw her today. And I talked to her. She and her friend had a math test today that I had just taken yesterday, so I was helping them study. I don't even know what she was wearing because I was too focused on the fact that I was sitting right next to her. We almost touched. You know how people do certain things when they're confused? Hers is to speak gibberish in a really cute voice. Honestly, teaching her synthetic division was probably the highlight of my week. I want to see her again.