He is everything I probably shouldn't want. But damn, he is beautiful and when he smiles I feel something. He almost never stops joking, and I can't tell what I mean to him, but last night I found myself wishing he would take me into his room and show me.

Me, rolling on floor dramatically: IM SO THIRSTY I HAVENT KISSED A BOY IN 50 YEEAARRSS

Best Friend: calm down its been 2 months



I feel like I haven't stopped blushing. I hope everyone just thinks I'm sunburned.

The problem is that you deserve the world. And I am just a small part of it.

I just got my first job and it officially starts tomorrow, plus - I just got asked out by one of my close guy friends and this will be my first date.

I'm experiencing a couple of firsts right now and I thought I'd share it here because I've been on this site since I was 17 and I used to write letters about how I felt like I was incapable of accomplishing things like landing a job and allowing myself to come out of my shell. I'm going on 20 now and I'm glad to say that I did it. I can do it; it is possible. I can create my own happiness.

I'm an independent pen who don't need no cap

I miss you and you don't give a damn about me.

doing this whole "just good friends" thing would be a lot easier for me if I didn't see myself marrying you.

time is a weird thing isn't it.

if we have enough of it, we dont do anything to make us unite.

if we don't have enough, we're angry that there isn't enough time.

we have choices to make us move forward, but we decide not to.

we both mutually feel the same, but we daren't utter a word.

we have all the time in the world, but not enough for us.